Who are you?

we asked. you shared.

How much can we tell about someone, just by looking at them? Does someone's skin color, eye color, or hair texture tell the whole story? Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells of the importance of sharing our most authentic cultural voice — reminding us of the misunderstandings and dangers that can come with only a single story about people or places. We are all multi-dimensional human beings. Our daily lived experiences and identities often break out of the checked boxes we assign ourselves (or are assigned to us). Who are we, really? What do we think about? Where do our people come from? What do we love? What kind of music do we listen to? What is our favorite food or spice or beverage?

Let's dig a little deeper - Who are we, Amherst?!

I am looking forward to retirement. Someone who loves to cook. Mama of 3 wonder boys/men. someone who loves to watch movies. someone who LOVES to travel. a woman with a rich cultural background & family history.

I am from Queens, New York and am the son of Indian immigrants. New York is my home.

I am from the other side of the world. I am a tennis enthusiast who also loves food.

I am a forest walker, a teacher, a partner, mom and friend. I love the scent of lilac and old-fashioned roses. I remember the '60's.

I am a person not bad but good very good - person

I am a sister, friend, oarsman, and student. I love my family, books, learning, and sports. I love meeting new people and learning more about the Amherst community.

I am a yo-yoer, a juggler, fighting game player, a programmer, a son and boy friend, a person who loves to keep learning, of French and Scottish ancestry with an Italian last name, a lover of people and the outdoors.

I am an artistic swimmer, Paris-type person, giggly summer person, I am ME. :)

I am a vegetable enthusiast, bicyclist, a farmer, a forest creature. I'm an artists, a friend, a piece of some families. I'm from California too. I'm quiet? I'm shy and small and I wear silly colorful clothes that don't match.

I am a grandson of immigrants who loved me but could not say it in English. I live in the east, but was born in the Midwest, but consider the western half of the US to be home. I am a husband and father who believes family time is more important than anything.

I am a happy person, lucky to have wonderful friends+family, including my husband+ two children. I struggle with poor health, remain politically engaged, and try to live to make the world better.

I am a designer from India. I love travelling, experiencing different cultures and expanding my personal and professional limits. I am visiting friends in Amherst.

I am a brother, a son, a musician, a student, and a lover of life. I am from North Carolina and a student at Amherst College. I love playing violin and tennis.

I am a book lover, a dog lover, an observer of nature. I am a family person and a liberal.

I am a world citizen + all are my brothers and sisters. We are more alike than different. I celebrate this reality.

Armenian - Amherst+ BelcherTownian!

I am an aspiring inspiration and mentor for younger people in my community. I am an advocate for social justice and a huge sports fan.

I am a Taiwanese-American born and raised in the South. North Caroline is my home.

I am. HA!

I am a kid who loves cats and popsicles... I enjoy acting. I'm a triple threat -- singing, dancing, and acting.

I am from San Diego, CA and I love to chill out in this awesome summer weather!

I am equal parts Seoul, South Korea, Palo Alto, CA, Amherst, MA. I enjoy going between these different cultures, and want to do something in the future that furthers my sense of place.

I am who I am.

I am someone who cares about her friends, her family and animals. I am a writer, a reader and loyal to my beliefs.

I am Gary that ain't scary but it reminds people my age of the era of movie stars named Barry and Larry and Carry.

I am trying my best!

I am the one and only Black Dynamite.

I am a first grader and first grade for me is almost over.

I am someone who loves red. And I like black.

An abui who loves her granddaughter and treasures her kids and parents!

I am a mom, an organizer, a school committee member, a spouse, a resident, a UMass alum, a member/co-chair YAC, an Asian-American woman, a community building enthusiast.

I am a woman, a wife, a stepmom, a daughter, a sister, a sewer, a baker, a dancer, a worrier, and I try hard to be kind.

I am a man, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, husband, retired educator. I am keenly interested in seeing our schools move forward with support and encouragement for all of our students. Much has been done - and much more remains. 

I love blue.

I am: ME--open minded, brother, climber, hard worker, lucky, adventurer, friend, traveler, dancer, drummer, caring, son, college graduate, thankful, pie lover, :), determined, music enthusiast, crazy (sometimes), boyfriend, energetic, future doctor.

A Pinstripe Innovator.

I am a poor college student

I am the oneness of mankind like everybody else.

I love to swim!

I am Andrea and I like LPS & gymnastics

I am a cowgirl, but I don't have any cows!

I'm a dancer, I'm a daughter, I'm mixed

For Grandma and Grandpa

I am a Biologist, Activist, Human!

A momma

I am a sillohette

Owen Baseball Happy Fun

My name is JianQing Lin. I come from China. Have a good day!

I am an awesome dancer ~E.C.M. 

Who am I? Well, I am: a food lover, music appreciator, family and friends supporter, all-round student in academics & life


A tired girl with icecream face paint

I am mom daughter wife Girl Scout

I am a poet and an artist and a dreamer. I am whoever I set my mind to be. I am brave. M

I Am A child of God, A husband, A father, A son, A brother, A friend, A Paster, A gardener

I am a 9 year old named eliyah from 4th grade

Marianna gymnastics Love

Human A mother A female Loving Person care give

I am A Swimmer and A Dancer


An Artist :S:

a latino, a soccer player, a teenager, a boy, a Puerto Rican

A mom, A nurse, A sister, A smile


I am a geographer

A multifaceted creature of the void

Man Human Spirit Being Mamma

Valentin fam, from Puerto Rico, language spanish, Love rice beans and pork, very friendly

Student, thinker, Daughter, Friend, SISTER, Human Being, Candy Eater, Artist, Lovely

I am happy to live here!

I am A Gymnast.

I am Puertorrican, I am friendly and I like to help!!

Word crafting, dream making, emotion sparking. those poems I can write. I can write about the girl I loved and her amber eyes. the guy whom I feel guilty over, the loss of an aunt. I can't write about myself. how should I describe, my love for my parents, Boston sports, Harry Potter? how should I describe, that little hole in my chest, the scar above my eye? that I seem happy, wishing to make others happy? perhaps both of those statements are true. or is it rather just my wish, that holds truth? I am complicated (as we all are) in the background of my world. but my mother has been there for me. from the scenes of abuse, to joys of adoption. so perhaps, I should stop, think, and act to her belief of a best me.

I am a strong Inuk writer and proud to live in Amherst

I am depressed. I am a girlfriend. I am an Aunt. I am a Daughter. I am a Sister. I am a friend. I am a teacher. I am unsure. I am looking.

I'm a web developer, a self-learner artist and a movie geek.

I am a student,a free and fun loving person,i am a poet.

I am a human, a WoC, a Korean, a daughter, a sister, a Buddhist, and the list goes on. I love many things, love listening to other people, I want to bring in good change.

I am a swimmer, a math geek, an artist, a musician, a daughter, a Latina, & A NATURE LOVER!

I am my thoughts, experiences, opinions, hobbies and more.

I am an athlete, a friend, a mentor, a brother, and a leader. I am disciplined, focused, but fun loving and spontaneous. I am sentimental, a hopeless romantic, and a Long Island boy.

I am a sister, a friend, a runner, a Buffalo girl, a student. I want to make a difference in the lives of others and the community.

I am a mathematician-mother-partner-party giver.

I am a survivor of the healthcare wars. I am rising above all.

I am an athlete who loves music. I am a cook who loves art. I am a man who is black. I am a brother who loves his family.

I am a push-myself-harder kinda gal.

I am a human being from California and Mumbai with a name that no one can pronounce. I like French and want to be a scientist who can explain my science in French.

I am a woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, hard worker, citizen, volunteer, artist, writer, friend, UU, Jewish, eater of local food, gardener, student, and understanding person.

I am a spiritual being, trying each day to be a human. I am a questioner. I am learning how important connection to other humans is, in learning about how to be a human myself. I am always trying...

I'm a Muslim man, the son of immigrants, an aspiring writer and eager student, hopeless romantic, paranoid thinker, a vulnerable human, a loyal friend.

I am a person with a birth name in my native tongue that no one calls me by. I enjoy cooking, sewing, and binge-watching TV drama.

I am a spiritual being first. I grew up in Amherst. I love Brazilian music and Indian and Thai foods, and French desserts. My mother's people come from Ireland and Benin. My Father's people come from West Africa and Scotland, England. We are all multidimensional people. :)

I am a man, a brother, a son. I am a farmer and friend. I am from Ohio. I am from a Christian family. I am solid and set. I am changing and growing.

I am an American girl who loves nature and animals. I love my family and anything outdoors with outdoor things. I love who I am.

I am an auntie an educator. I'm retired and I work. I like to garden and grow chilies. My husband and I walk the bike trail and visit and are visited by our extended family.

I am from an hour and a half away and I've spent my whole life in New England. Someday, I plan to leave, but I'm enjoying my here until then.

Who/What indeed! I have been called a lot of things, but mostly my family hails from the British Isles. I have wandered for years. Searching for Home and Amherst is it!

I am part of the human family. Black/African and of mixed heritage-like everyone, a woman, elder, mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, friend, activist, teacher and partner to a wonderful guy. I love to dance and sing and laugh, be with others working for change and a better world.

I am a little bit of everyone and everything.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a student. I belly dance, I bike, I sing, I craft, and I enjoy the outdoors. But for me, a person isn't made up out of the activities they enjoy but more the little reactions they have for everything life throws at them.

I love dogs and I love reading and I love candy.

Who am I? An anachronist, heterotect, word-bird, tunesmith, dancer, monster (mostly not practicing) individual...& more...different through the love of other people.

I am the daughter of two tennis players. I am a student, food enthusiast and athlete.

I like cats.

I am a daughter, sister, friend, and girlfriend. I am thankful every day to be a bilingual college graduate. I'm an athlete and an artist. I am a caretaker for those who need my help and I'm an aspiring physical therapist. I'm a lifelong learner, an adventurer, an introvert, and so many more things...I am me!!

Hi HARMINDER Singh I live in Sunderland.

I am an Amherst native, a husband and father, a lifelong naturalist, fisher, and hunter, a writer and poet, a musician, and a practitioner of the art of local governance.

I like studying invertebrates. I like neon green.

I am a New Yorker, outdoor enthusiast, biker, brother and son. But most of all, I am a dreamer.

I'm just a person, a grandmother + mother, who believes in goodness between people and hope our community can keep to themselves.

I am: a brother, a caretaker, a reader, a huge nerd, a sailor, an extrovert, my own self.

I love video games. I also love wild life and studying it.

I am a daughter, dog lover, musician, student, belly dancer, book lover who is looking forward to graduating this spring and going off into "the real world" (impending doom).

I AM the son of Taiwanese immigrants, raised on both coasts of America. I am a student, thinker, a lover of foods from all around the world. I love Mexican food, Italian art, and Spanish literature.

I love to read and draw.

I love kendey.

Outgoing, happy, courteaous, good friend.

A woman, a mother, a friend, a daughter, a partner, an educator.

I am a...social worker, friend, runner, mom, person!

I am a female mechanical engineer!

I am a twin but we are not the same ~Talia!

I am a pie guy!

I am a creator of ideas through moving images

I am me

martial artest

I am a farmer, a lover of the earth, and a very fun grandmother!


I love cats and I love golden retrevers

a nice guy

I'm alive...

Human Tennis player Mamma|kid

I am a foodie!


I'm a good kid that loves to smile and laugh ~Mia C

I dance, I act, I sing, I have fun! Go Atkins! ~Elsa

Sister, friend, confidant, student, dreamer, I am all these things, but, I am also confused, worried, insecure, questioning "who am I?"

I'm nice and I like cats.

I am a person with many homes. This is where I am now so this is my home. Y'all are my fam

I am a football player


I am an outgoing student who loves to laugh~Eliza

Oldest of 4, Korean-American

I am a student

a friend, daughter, sister, student, scientist, someone quiet who loves to listen!

A Gymnist

That's a very complicated question!

I'm a mother, Friend, & Educator

a person who believes that problems are merely opportunities in disguise!

I am a Granny, a mom, an aunt, a sister, a teacher

This is me!

A Runner

Colombian Innovator

Mother Daughter Wife Sister Human

Someone who wants to change the world.

I sing and am a gymnast

I'm just me

I am a student, an artist, and a person struggling but learning to love early mornings.

I am a cool person




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